PowerJack Repair



Just to let you know that my laptop is smooth running after you fixed the powerjack. From the moment I contacted you, until the point I received the hardware back, there have been NO ISSUES at all - 0.

May I say that your customer service skills are well beyond expectations, and I have never experienced a better IT customer support prior to this.Your prices and quotes are very fair and just. The delivery and service time were excellent

(1 day delivery, same day repair and return, and 1 day return, and your technical explanations were easily understood)

I wish you good luck, and I am sure that your business will expand and you will have many, many happy customers to come!! Cheers'


About Us

Hi I am Colin.  From London. The Domain names powerjackrepair.com and powerjackrepair.co.uk
and Truestate Electronics are part of the Mother Company and Organization: Truestate. Truestate was an idea and been in the workings ever since i was a kid and finally established in 1982. Since then nothing much has been happening and most projects have been for experimentation and fun. Since the age of computers in the 80's i started to do computer repairs more and more. In those days there was not really such a thing as the internet and we mostly connected up to bulletin boards or
(BBS's "Bulletin Board Services") So much has changed since then.

Some years later on the spur of the moment I decided to put everything back together again. I had just as much fun doing this as I had taking those apart.

I started repairing electrical and electronic goods after hearing people getting ripped of by cowboy engineers. So many times you hear people getting ripped off. I thought its about time i do something about it. And also to try to shame those that resort to cheating in the industry.

We set up some tests to some engineers on a few items just to prove to my friends. I purposely blew an internal fuse on a TV and called out a few engineers for an repair estimate. In those days they used to do house calls and repair on the spot unless there about to rip you off. They would then insist it has to go back to the workshop. they would later quote a unpractical price and you would be forced to pay up.

Only one out of the four we asked for a quote from where honest enough to tell us it was a silly fuse.
This guy changed the fuse and charged for the call out only. The funny thing is he nicked out test fuse and we had to blow another. One of them had the cheek to charge £150 stating that it was a big problem and the main board needed replacing all for the sake of a 10 penny fuse. We reported the findings of these cowboys and soon after this, probably not to our doing (as a lot of these cheats where about) though the issue was reported on Scandinavian TV and a clamp down on the industry resulted.

So as from these days I never use repair people or shops, i don't trust them and do all the repairs myself.
Not only that i prefer to repair things myself and find it very rewarding.

My Motto:
I believe you have to be honest and fair to every situation in life.
Too many  lie and cheat in this industry and in life in general.
To lie and cheat at the end of the day only results in cheating yourself.
Be Good, Be Fair and Be Honest and Success with Luck will come your way.

Truestate Electronics
Muswell Hill
London N10