PowerJack Repair




Self Diagnostics


This is a Stripped down Laptop Motherboard 

To get to the Power Jack
you will need to in most cases
strip the laptop down to the motherboard, as this is a time consuming job and also why
most repair shops or companies don't want to know.

They will try to make you buy a new Motherboard as this will bring them the least work and most profit. 

The correct Problem Description referred to as Power Jack Problem is: ďDC PCB Power Socket   

Below you will find a few basic tests you can run through to make a quick diagnosis, bare in mind other faults may be the cause of the malfunction.

Power Jack Quick Test

1. Remove Battery.
2. Plug in and switch on the Power adapter.
3. Check that Charger is has power output.
4. Plug the DC Plug into your laptop.
5. Firmly but slowly move the socket from left to right checking to see if you see any charge light comes on.
6. If so try to hold it in that position and let the computer boot up then you will determine the state of your hard drive for later reference.
7. Once powered up if this is the case, move the DC power plug slightly left and right until it powers off.
8. Donít boot up again, instead try to keep the charger light on, Hold Plug firmly without moving it. Carefully move cable directly behind DC plug to check for cable fatigue. If it  stays on then its back to DC plug and socket.
9. Try to do the same thing but with battery Installed. Reason for this is to check if your battery is taking a charge

* A Multimeter Tester is the best way to check for  cable fatigue and other charger power problems.



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